Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lunch Time Centre Ville Marseille

Mom and I were in Centre Ville Marseille and had a couple of ours to kill before going to and activity at the Church so we had lunch.  Best Kabab I have Had.  Tonight the Young Adults from the Cannes Ward are coming to Marseille to put on a play for us.  Next week we will be in Bern Switzerland to do Baptisms for the Dead with the Young Adults.  They will have time to do some sight seeing so that means Mom and I get to do some sight seeing.  I hope to get a ward picture with the Marseille ward.  Mom and I will be staying at the Temple Hostel for missionaries.  Below are just some random pics of our day in Centre Ville Marseille.  Nothing great, but we have fun.

Tyler would love this.

Marseille by the Canebiere

The Vieux Port


Monday, April 9, 2012

P Day in Avignon

Made another trip to Avignon and Pont Du Gard.  We really like this Ville and region of Provence.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wind, Sea, People, Cars and the Road to our Home

These photos were taken from the same place I took the night photo of the marina at Montredon.  "The Sea was angry that day my Friend" George Costanza.  Sometimes the sea just wants to come to town.  I have seen it worst than this.  There is a reason why there is a pole in the way of all these pics.  If you stand on the other side on the pole you will get wet.  I took these on the way home from church

Sometimes it is not wise to temp fate
La ville de Montredon

Favorite Summer Pastime in Marseille

So the Mistral winds are in from North Africa this weekend.  That means one thing, Wind Surfing and Para Sailing.  The wind is warm and the water is starting to warm up.  The wind is blowing at 45 MPH.  While taking these photos it was hard to stand still or not fall over.  You must lean into the wind to keep your balance.  Usually this water is very calm as in the photos I took at night following these photos.  These photos were taken from the marina at Montredon where we live. 

Wind Surfing by Chateau D'if

Para Sailing by Chateau D'if

That is an Island in the background

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our small ville of Montredon.

We were coming home late from an institute activity and on our way home this is what we see each night.  It is the small Marina of Montredon which is the name of the ville in which we live.  50 years ago it was not part of Marseille, but over time Marseille grew and overtook this once small ville.  We are on the very edge of Marseille.  If you travel one more kilometer past our street it turns into a national park.  The water is crystal clear and getting warmer this time of year.  Unfortunately the warm climate turns our quiet ville into a traffic jam of people during the day.  It is where everyone comes to sail, para sail, surf (Not in California Terms of Surfing), Wind Surf (which is the best here due to the Mistral winds), kayak and swim in water so clear you can see the bottom a fifty feet.
Passing through the ville before our street.  Europeans are not much into sidewalks.  It is not the prettiest of streets, but it is our home and we love it here.  I have grown quite used to traveling this street and it feels like home.