Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lunch Time Centre Ville Marseille

Mom and I were in Centre Ville Marseille and had a couple of ours to kill before going to and activity at the Church so we had lunch.  Best Kabab I have Had.  Tonight the Young Adults from the Cannes Ward are coming to Marseille to put on a play for us.  Next week we will be in Bern Switzerland to do Baptisms for the Dead with the Young Adults.  They will have time to do some sight seeing so that means Mom and I get to do some sight seeing.  I hope to get a ward picture with the Marseille ward.  Mom and I will be staying at the Temple Hostel for missionaries.  Below are just some random pics of our day in Centre Ville Marseille.  Nothing great, but we have fun.

Tyler would love this.

Marseille by the Canebiere

The Vieux Port


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