Friday, August 31, 2012

The Beach at Bordeaux, France

We went to the young adult conference in Bordeaux.  While there, there was a surfing class so we went down to the beach to get some pics of our JA. A good time had by the two.  There were other JA, but these were ours.


Fany Demanche

Emeric Biver

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothin Special

Mom and I took our P Day to walk around Marseille.  Like Paris, we just went and got lost in Marseille.  In the 13 Arrondissement there is a lot of construction down the Avenue Longchamps.  The Palais de Longchamps is being renovated, so most of it was covered, sad.  We had a good time just walking around and snapping pics of the things we were seeing.  There is nothing scenic about these photos,  just Marseille and where we live.  These are the streets we walk on a day to day basis.  Grabbed a baguette from a patisserie and we were fine.  Later on we made some visits to our JA.  Had a great talk with Robin Van Loon.  Just love that kid.  You know our French is improving when the conversation was in french and we understood each other and felt a great love for him.

Joan D’arc

This is where the Canebière runs into the Avenue de Longchamps. 

Avenue de Longchamps

Avenue de Longchamps

Avenue de Longchamps

Avenue de Longchamps

Palais de Longchamps

No idea where we are.

No idea where we are.

Avenue de Longchamps

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lunch with Florian and Coralie in Cassis

These are two of the finest Young Adults you will find.  Florian is planning on a mission for next year.  He is a recent convert.  Coralie was baptized shortly after Florian.  They are a brother/sister combo.  This is our time to do our goal planing with the young adults, so we take them to lunch in the ugliest ville we can find and torture them with moules and frites.  OK. maybe that is a little lie.  We take them to Cassis which is like Carmel (But on the French Riviera) and have the local favorite dish.  We talk over goals and how to accomplish them.  We focus on the spiritual, but then turn to the temporal goals for their lives.  It is a good meeting for both because we get a chance to work on our French and at the same time we are learning more about the individual.  Every interview is a new challenge of obstacles to overcome.  Work in Marseille is hard to come by for the young because there are so many who need jobs.  Coralie is working on becoming a nurse, but must prepare for her exams in October to move on.  She can only miss one out of every 20 questions question on the exam or she cannot move on.  Talk about stress.  Last night during out Cour de Anglais, (English Class) the word Surgery came up.  It turned into a french lesson on how to say Surgery in french, "Chirurgie".  If you think this looks easy to say it is because to don't know French.  Anyway, we love these two young people "A LOT".  They make all our struggles worth being here.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Grand Roue in Marseille

So,  believe it or not I spent a good part of my day going through fabric shops in Marseille, France looking for fabric for a costume for one of the JA here.  It goes to show you I will do all things for the JA here in Marseille.  You should have heard mom try and explain to the sales lady what, "interfacing" is.  Translate that word.  Mom is doing a service project by making a dress/costume for one of our JA for the CAJAF (Young Adult Conference).  in Bordeaux next week.  So by the end of the day we needed a break.  We took out normal break at the Corniche and watched the fairy's  to Algeria, Tunisia and Corsica go by.  After the sunset we went down to the Grand Roue to get some pictures.   Reluctantly I agreed to go on the Grand Roue.  This is one big freaking Farris wheel. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a fear of heights.   I will also do anything for my wife who loves Farris wheels.

Proof that I did it.  That stupid look on my face is fear. 

Jared will appreciate this photo.   The long string of lights is the Corniche along the water front where Jeannine and I sit and discuss the JA.  Jared would join us and we would watch the fairy's pass and the sunset each night. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturdays, Nothing to do today but walk.

Saturdays are slow for us because all the JA are with their families where they belong.  We start our day with planing and preparation for the up coming week.  About 2:00 PM we go out to explore Marseille on foot.  A difficult task when your have no meniscus in your knee.  But I push through it.  Today Mom and I went and walked through the "Panier".  It is an older quarter of Marseille.  No, this is not Paris.  This is Marseille baby!  A totally different feel.  I love walking through Paris, but Marseille will always be in my heart as the place of good people, good food, Fascinating Arab influence, warm days, Warm nights, lunch with the JA and Home!  Can't wait until Tuesday.  That is when we take Florian and Coralie (Brother and Sister combo) to lunch in Cassis for their JA interviews.  Florian is planing on a mission in January.  He was baptized last November.
Notre Dame de La Major.  This is a magnificent church built in 1852.  The architecture is awesome inside and out.  A picture cannot show the beauty of the workmanship. 

I just sat here for some time admiring the history and workmanship.  And it was cooler inside and peaceful which made it a bit more accommodating.  It's hot outside!

Le Panier
Le Panier

Le Panier

Le Panier

Le Panier

Le Panier

Le Panier

L'arc de triumph de Marseille

Le Panier

This one is for Jared.  This was the area he worked in. 

Public Transportation

Since we live close to the ocean we have alternative modes of transportation into town.  This is our transport to Centre Ville Marseille.  It is a shuttle, (Navette) to the Vieux Port.  It leaves from Point Rouge in Montredon and arrives in centre ville Marseille.  Mom and I have started to be more adventurous in public transportation.  This boat works like a bus.  You use the same ticket you would use for the bus.  It runs every hour to and from Point rouge to Vieux Port until 10:00 PM.  It is less stressful with no concerns for traffic.  Bus, Metro, Navette, it's all good.  We still use our car for church business for transporting things to and from the centre. 
Our Bus to Centre Ville Marseille

Looking out the window of our Bus/Navette.  OK there is no window.

We Live among these houses on the hill.

I think because we were Americans :) they made us go to the back of the bus.  We were forced to have this as our view.

Notre Dame De La Garde On the way to Centre Ville

Bus stop, Centre Ville Marseille.  Vieux Port.