Monday, August 6, 2012

The Arab Marché

It was our P Day so mom and I went down to the Vieux Port to go to the Arab Marché.  It is a small sector near the port that gives you the feeling you are no longer in France.  You can buy just about anything from fish to produce to hookah pipes.  It is a fascinating place that I love to go to.  It is not a place tourist gravitate to due to sanitary reasons, but I love going there.  It is a part of Marseille that you realize just how the Arab culture has influence Marseille.  Marseille has the largest Arab population in France.  Most Arabs here come from Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco.  I love the diversity of this city.

The cool thing about this photo is the lady in the black and white striped Burka.  I just randomly took this photo in the Arab quarter and showed it to Jared.  He got so excited.  He said that he visits this lady for his work.  This is the lady that wanted to give her granddaughter to Jared. 

It is real difficult to keep mom out of the shops.

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