Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lunch with Florian and Coralie in Cassis

These are two of the finest Young Adults you will find.  Florian is planning on a mission for next year.  He is a recent convert.  Coralie was baptized shortly after Florian.  They are a brother/sister combo.  This is our time to do our goal planing with the young adults, so we take them to lunch in the ugliest ville we can find and torture them with moules and frites.  OK. maybe that is a little lie.  We take them to Cassis which is like Carmel (But on the French Riviera) and have the local favorite dish.  We talk over goals and how to accomplish them.  We focus on the spiritual, but then turn to the temporal goals for their lives.  It is a good meeting for both because we get a chance to work on our French and at the same time we are learning more about the individual.  Every interview is a new challenge of obstacles to overcome.  Work in Marseille is hard to come by for the young because there are so many who need jobs.  Coralie is working on becoming a nurse, but must prepare for her exams in October to move on.  She can only miss one out of every 20 questions question on the exam or she cannot move on.  Talk about stress.  Last night during out Cour de Anglais, (English Class) the word Surgery came up.  It turned into a french lesson on how to say Surgery in french, "Chirurgie".  If you think this looks easy to say it is because to don't know French.  Anyway, we love these two young people "A LOT".  They make all our struggles worth being here.  

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