Saturday, August 18, 2012

Public Transportation

Since we live close to the ocean we have alternative modes of transportation into town.  This is our transport to Centre Ville Marseille.  It is a shuttle, (Navette) to the Vieux Port.  It leaves from Point Rouge in Montredon and arrives in centre ville Marseille.  Mom and I have started to be more adventurous in public transportation.  This boat works like a bus.  You use the same ticket you would use for the bus.  It runs every hour to and from Point rouge to Vieux Port until 10:00 PM.  It is less stressful with no concerns for traffic.  Bus, Metro, Navette, it's all good.  We still use our car for church business for transporting things to and from the centre. 
Our Bus to Centre Ville Marseille

Looking out the window of our Bus/Navette.  OK there is no window.

We Live among these houses on the hill.

I think because we were Americans :) they made us go to the back of the bus.  We were forced to have this as our view.

Notre Dame De La Garde On the way to Centre Ville

Bus stop, Centre Ville Marseille.  Vieux Port.

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