Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seeing Jared off from Lyon

We took Jared up to Lyon to drop him off from there.  We had to pick up some supplies and a large framed picture of Christ for our center from the Mission Home, so we made a two day trip of it.  Old ville Lyon is very nice.  We had dinner at a cafe in the main place in Lyon for our last night with Jared.  Dinner is always eaten outside.  And if you are wondering why Jared is always wearing shorts here it is because Provence is very hot.  And for those who are wondering, I always wear Mission attire when doing Mission Business.  I cannot walk very far in dress shoes due to my knee, so when we go sight seeing I dress down.  When we are traveling for sight seeing we are not required to wear suit and tie.  Another perk of being old.  We now have 21 different languages of Books of Mormons in our center.  We have visitors to our center from all over Europe, Asia and Africa.  Come to find out we are returning to Lyon next week for a Couples Conference.  It is one of the benefits of being an older couple.  We get to travel a lot.  In two weeks we will go to Bordeaux.  We will have two free days to do nothing, so will are going to go up to visit two villes that Aaron served in, Angoulême and Périgueux.  Also there are some large sand dunes near Bordeaux, so President Murdock's wife said they were a must see. 
Talking by the Rhône.  There are two rivers that flow through Lyon.  The Rhône and the Saône

Old Lyon

Notre Dame de la Fourviere over looking the Saône

Gold Mary on Notre Dame de la Fourviere.  This time without child.

Midnight on the Saône 

As we were on the top of the hill over looking Lyon, we noticed a white mountain in the background.  If you look hard you can see it through the haze to the left of the tall pointy building.  There was a Catholic Nun Next to us that said, "That's Mount Blanc"  So my first thought was That's in Geneva about an hour and a half drive from Lyon.  Jared doesn't need to be to the Train Station until 8:00 PM the next day.  We don't need to be back to Marseille until Friday.  So we had a day to kill.  Why not do it in Geneva. 

Off to Geneva and Mount Blanc

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