Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last Day with Jared in Geneva Suisse

We got to Geneva around 10:00 Am and had and early lunch.  We walk the town and ended up by Lac Geneva.  The Camera does not do it justice.  The day was perfect for our last day with Jared.  It was a little hazy so it was difficult to get a clear photo of Mount Blanc.  I want you all to know he has been a wonderful example to the JA here in Marseille.  It was touching to hear and see how they will miss him.  One day after he was gone,  I have received several text messages saying how much they already miss having Jared around.  I think the boys will miss him more because he was their American friend.  He participated in this ward, taught two FHE lessons. and made many friends.  He worked very hard in his internship further learning the culture with the French and Muslim community.  The big compliment was that "Le Petit Freres de Pauvre" want him back next year.  The only problem was all the elderly Muslin ladies wanted him to marry their granddaughters (Arranged Marriages).  One elderly lady wanted to take him to Algiers with her to worship at Ramadan.  Not the best of ideas concerning the political relations between Algeria and the U.S. at the present time.  But the mutual respect that Jared learned for the Muslims and their love for him makes me proud.  Here are some pics of Geneva.  Enjoy
Welcome to Geneva

"The Broken Chair"  This is directly across from the U.N.  in Geneva to commemorate the U.N.s commitment to banning cluster land mines throughout the world by rogue countries.  

Just by "The Broken Chair"

Lac Geneva

Jared can always find a friend.

Mount Blanc behind the haze

Mount Blanc over Lac Geneva


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