Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Young Adult Interviews.

So Those of you who know Jeannine and I we like to explore and go to different places for lunch.  We are in the process of interviewing each Young Adult in our ward and setting goals.  Here in France lunch last about 2 1/2 hours, so we get a lot of practice speaking French.   So we thought it would be fun to do it over lunch in Cassie, France.  Google images for Cassis and you will see why we do it there.  We are doing one young adult a week.  It gives us the opportunity to get to know them and learn of their desires and goals in life.  Since we have been doing this we have grown very close to the young people here.  This is Elise Demanche and a wonderful young woman.  We love spending time with the young adults here in Marseille.  This is our lunch of Moules and Frites (Mussels and Frys)  Cassis is a small port ville like Carmel, California. 

My tag is on my jacket that I took off because it was so hot.  But if you look close you can see my white bible in my pocket. 

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