Thursday, August 9, 2012

Palais de Pape sur le Rhône

Jeannine and I had spent our day doing interviews with the Young Adults.  Setting goals and making plans for life's challenges.  When we got home I was pretty spent.  I just don't have the energy of a young missionary.  But when Jared got off work we decided to drive up to Avignon at night and get some picture from the île de Pilot.  The île de Pilot is an island parc that divides the Rhone river in front of the Palais de Papa.  Again Avignon is one of my favorite villes here in Provence.  It is a very calm place and gives one opportunity for mediation and reflection.  I think sometimes I do not appreciate where I am.  I was laying on the grass waiting for different light exposures thinking I am here sitting by the Rhône river in front of history.  The river is quiet and the place very tranquille.  I am so grateful to be here as an older couple.  We have the opportunity to see so much more than a young missionary.  I would be a lair if I said this work is easy.  It is not. But the love and appreciation we receive from the members and JA are worth the trials.  If you ever see me use "JA" it refers to the Young Adults.  Young Adult in French is "Jeunes Adultes" and they are called "The JA" here by the members.  It is much easier to write JA than Jeunes Adultes.  I hope to share this region and members with my children someday.

Palais de Pape

Palais de Pape over the Rhône.  And yes that is a gold Mary on top of the chapel. 

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  1. so are our gold moroni statues a mary rip-off?