Friday, January 27, 2012

The MTC !!!!!!!

So, we are through our first week at the MTC.  Three more days of training then off to France.   Monday through Wednesday we have CES training then Friday we go.  Up at 5:30 to bed by 10:30.  As I remember it was a lot more easy when I was younger to sit through all day classes.  It has been a struggle to stay awake at times.  I almost got run over in the cafeteria by some young Elders focused on food.  The cafeteria is a war zone, every man for himself.  I saw an Elder with 4 glasses of chocolate milk, two plates full of food and several donuts scattered on his tray.  Wednesday is all you can eat ice cream from the creamery.  I stay away from that, but I did taste the ice cream and it is GOOD.
    In our District the couple are going to the Marshall Islands, Manchester England, Alpine Germany and us in France.  We have couples in our group going to; India, Cape Verde, Russia, Italy, England Germany, Slovenia, Samoa, Bulgaria, Japan, Nepal, Romania, Czech Republic and a very lucky couple going to the Washington D C Mission.  It is fun to watch all the Missionaries running and hurrying about to get to there next assignment.  The mail room seems to always be busy.  There is a great spirit about this place.   At times I feel like I should be with the young missionaries cause they have so much energy and can actually run.  I can still remember dropping off my children for their missions here and at the airport.  It is a strange thing to be the one being left off.  Now we all have a common experience of the MTC.  The one I went through 35 years ago was a lot different. 
Jeannine and I being dropped of at the MTC in Provo
Us with Elder Whiting our MTC instructor.  He is really a great guy with a lot of good knowledge and has been a real help here at the MTC.

This is our district from left to right; The Woods (Marshall Islands) , Us, The Stepans (Alpine Germany) and the Mc Authurs (Manchester England.  In the middle is Elder Whiting.

Typical missionary photo.  Had to do it.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! :) you two are just wonderful!

  2. It is awesome to be able to see you parents serving the Lord. I love you guys.