Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our First "P" Day

Our first "P" Day began with washing clothes and then a short stroll around the MTC.  After lunch we went to visit with Jared, Nick, Thyci and Vania. We bought some fixings for home made pizza and had dinner at Nicks.  Since we are a Senior Couple, we can leave the campus and do what we want as long as we are appropriately dressed and wear our name tags.  Now the day is over and it is back to study.  Below are some pictures of the MTC campus.  Jeannine and I have had a great time here and really have been inspired by the dedication of all the young men and women. 

Laundry Room

Elder Rutman using his time wisely. 
Panorama for those who have experienced wash your clothes day.
The main court yard of the MTC
The Cafeteria and the hoard of hungry missionaries

Main entrance lobby at the MTC, Provo, Utah

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