Friday, July 20, 2012

Teaching in French

So,......... I gave the lecon in French at Family Home Evening ce soir.  Aaron! notice my lips.  I am working hard at my language skills, but fall far short of my goals.  Learning a new language at my age is difficult.  For me, I speak better than I understand and Jeannine understands more that she can speak.  I don't get that.  So together we do all right.  I just look at her and ask, "What did she say".  Then I can answer.  I am starting to recognize the Marseille accent from the northern accent.  The JA help with our language all the time and are a great support to us and for some odd reason they love us very much.  Next week I am giving the lesson in High Priest Group.  I am glad Jared is here.  I will need his help.  For some reason they think I can speak and understand French.  What they don't know is half the time I don't know what I am saying.  I just throw it out there and see if I get a response.  It's a crap shoot at best.  Anyway, we love the members here and are becoming a part of the ward.  I am allowed to bisou so I am kissing a lot of men. 

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