Sunday, July 8, 2012

Valencesole and the Lavender Fields.

Jeannine, Jared and I went up to north Provence to a place called Valensole.  it is about an hours drive from Marseille.  It is famous for growing Lavender in France.  I walked the entire length of a lavender field and the fragrance of the Lavender I will never forget.  It is truly difficult to describe the feel of this region.  It lies at the foot of the French Alps near Gap, France.    You can see in one of the photos where the lavender fields end and the mustard field begins.  As I walked through the field smelling the lavender and feeling the hot provincial sun it was bought to my attention of how special this place is.  This region has been growing lavender for 2000 years.  Ever since the Romans were here and used the lavender for medicinal purposes.  It is much like where we live in Gilroy except lavender is purple and smells much better.  They grow everything here; wheat, sunflowers, lavender, olives, grapes, tomato's and a plethora of herbs.  So if anyone ever decides to come and visit us I suggest July-August for a visit.    The Lavender Festival is in mid August in a small ville called Digne le Bains, France.
Valensole, France

Plateau de Valensole

Sun Flowers


This one is a little blurred because Jared took it while driving.  It was just field after field of lavender.

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  1. I Love the pics!!! Especially the one with mom sitting in the Lavender Field. Beautiful!