Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day Trip Through Provence

Today mom and I went to get some things for the Center of a Provincial nature.  We bought some things that can only be purchased in certain areas of Provence.  We are trying to have all the different regions of Provence represented.  So we went to Saint Remy for some serving pottery for the JA dinners.  (Look for the pottery in the pictures of the dinners.  The pottery will be used for the first time tomorrow after Soiree Familiale.  Each week we have a dinner for the JA).  We started in Saint Remy, went through Cavaillon, then on to Avignon just for dinner since it was close.  We were just made an official Center so we are now going to get to buy new furniture, computers and hopefully a Wii.  The photos are nothing special, but driving from ville to ville in Provence is very tranquille. 
Driving from Saint Remy to Cavaillon.  This is a very enjoyable drive and beautiful drive.

Driving in Provence

Cavaillon, France.  Not much here but thought the center ville was nice.

Cavaillon, France

Merry-Go-Round in Avignon.  This is at the end of our long day just before eating. 

Mom took this from our table as we ate in front of the Palais du Pape.  A little blurry due to lighting situation.

Palais du Pape from our table at dinner

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