Friday, October 5, 2012

Soirée Familiale With Elder Rutman Teaching

We we had a small turn out tonight.  With everyone in school and working, we need to change our night for FHE.  Normally we have about 12, but tonight we were thin.  Sort of sad cause I planned so hard for this lesson.  But these four girls are the best.  I need to sit now because my knees are not too functional.  It hurts a lot when I stand, so I teach sitting. If I walk it is not so bad, but I need to keep moving.  I am now on crutches full time except when I just can't wait around to jet them.  It is hard cause I need the exercise as you can tell.  Here are two movies of me teaching in French with a little help from Orianne Laget, Our JA President.  My knees were really hurting tonight so my concentration was not all there.

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