Saturday, May 26, 2012

JA Activity at Pont du Gard and Palais du Pape

I was again forced to go to Pont du Gard and The Palais du Pape in Avignon.  As you might see I really like this area of Provence.  OK the activity was actually my Idea.  But they really wanted to go.  The JA had a great time.  It is a strange thing.  This Pont du Gard is 2000 years old and none of them had ever been to it before.  It is only 1 hours away from Marseille.  This is our third time to Pont du Gard so not too many pics.  Mostly of the JA who I have grown to love a great deal.  We are family.  For some odd reason they tend to like Mom and me.  They include us in all their activities.  If we don't go they are very disappointed, so we go to everything.   I guess we are fun.
Pont Du Gard avec Les JA de Marseille
It is a difficult life living in Provence.  
JA de Marseille avant Le Palais du Pape
To tired to walk.

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