Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Day in Aix en Provence

Tomorrow is our Presidents last Zone Conference before he goes home.  Since we are the only couple in The Provence region he ask us to go to dinner with he and his wife.  We had a couple hours to kill before meeting he and his wife for dinner so we walked the ville.  These photos don't do the ville justice.  I took them with my ipad.  I want to make one comment here.  I make one criticism about France here.  Since they have NO!!!! public bathrooms, No, not even pay ones anywhere in Provence, I could have gotten uromysotysis and died. 
Mirabeau  Fountain Aix en Provence

Who said France doesn't like the USA.  How else can one show love than to make a Red,White and Blue bikini

Oh yeah the pastries

I just had to get some pics of me so some day they would say, "Oh yeah, Dad was there also"

You know I love alley ways.  They always lead somewhere interesting. 

Italian Gilato

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  1. Love the pics! Wish we could be there with you guys! Love ya!