Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cassie, France

The Kolert's were in town and stopped by for the day.  We took them over to a small ville called Cassis.  It is about 20 minutes from Marseille.  It is one of the many small port villes on the French Riviera.  The villes is very nice and old.  I didn't get any photos of the ville due to mom's camera battery dying.   Next time.  The kids did get to swim in relatively warm water.  The water here changes color depending on depth and material on the bottom.  The one problem with the beaches here is that woman wearing tops is optional.  Needless to say It made me feel sort of uncomfortable.  So I kept my eyes down or to the water.  When I get nervous, I tend to stand which facilitated the observance of topless women.  So I sat for a while which is not my favorite pastimes at a beach.  I like to walk.  But when I walked it just gave me a change of topless women.  I will say this, Some women really need to wear a top.  For some women gravity has won the war.  Finally, we left the beach and went for a boat ride out to the Callonques.  As I was taking some of these photos I was realizing how spoiled Jared really is.  Hopefully next summer we can get some of you to come over.  I will admit Jared will be working while here.  So he is earning his keep.  On a small note, Marseille is not always fun in the sun.  We do have our trials.  Par example,  The other day we were on the bus down town Marseille.  Summer time, Hot, inclosed bus full of Arabs.  It was the perfect storm for the nose.  Just for clarification, none of the photos were touched up.  All color is natural and as is.  This water is crystal clear.
Cassis, France.  French Riviera
Jared Swimming at Cassis
Coley Kolert and Jared at Cassis
Coley and Jared at Cassis.  Look way out there.
Cassis, France

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