Saturday, June 16, 2012

Institute Graduation in Cannes, Side trip to Monte Carlo

Today we needed to go to Cannes for Institute Graduation.  Jared was visiting a friend in Nice for a couple of days, so we left early to pick him up and went to Monte Carlo for the afternoon.  Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo are all within 45 minutes of each other.  Here are some pics of us in Monte Carlo and the last one is the most important.  It is of our Young Adults at the Cannes Chapel.  So we spent a day in three of the most popular villes on the French Riviera.  When in Monaco, one is not allowed to wear ones missionary tag.  We put them on for the pictures and then removed them fast.  No church is allow to proselyte in Monaco.  Monte Carlo is a nice ville and very clean, but it is difficult to enjoy it when walking in a suit and tie with 90 degree weather.  We did a lot of walking and my knee paid the price.  All photos are of Monte Carlo except the last which is Cannes at teh chapel with the young Adults.
Monte Carlo, Monaco

Dream on Jared

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

YES! the water is for real.  No I did not touch up.  You just have to be here to believe it.

Monte Carlo

Best group of kids ever mingled with some old people.

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