Wednesday, June 20, 2012

P Day in Aigues-Mortes

It was mom's birthday today so we went out for lunch.  Jared and I took her to a ville called Aigues-Mortes.  It means, "Dead Waters".  It was a gamble to see if was going to be a nice place with a name like "Dead Waters".  Aigues-Mortes is hard to find and not on the need to see list for tourism, but it was very nice and I would go there again.  The city dates back to 160 BC.  The city walls were completed by 1289 AD.  This area is known for its horses and bulls.  They raise horses and Bulls for the bull fights in Arles and Nimes.  Three weeks ago they had the running of the bulls in Nimes.  All the Elders were moved out of Nimes for the event for the obvious reason.  Elders + running of the bulls.  I could just see it now, "President, my companion got gored by a bull, ....................... But it was our P-Day President................. Yes he was wearing his tag".  Had a great lunch and a nice relaxing day. 
Mom chilling in the chair.

This something you don't see in the U.S.  A warning sign for Bulls.

This is a protected reserve for Flamingos and Wild Bulls.  These bulls don't go to the Bull Fights.

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