Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween With the Young Adults

So mom can't seem to stay away from Halloween.  It's just in her blood.  The kids really loved the fact that she got dressed up.  What they don't know it this was nothing compared to the usual Halloween.  the Missionaries brought and investigator and had a good time.  We have two non-member attending our group.  One is from Uganda the other is from Lebanon.  The highlight of the night was the Pinata smashing.  Their first introduction to Mexican culture.  The pumpkin Pinata was made by Jeannine.
Family Night Lesson by Fany Demanche

Eyeball Soup

Witches fingers

Mummy wrap sausages

This is actually Camargue Rice.  This is literally the best tasting rice I have ever had.


Coralie and Mom

Fany and Mom

The group

Coralie and Mom

Orianne and Mom

Deema Moujally

The beginings of the piñata

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