Monday, November 5, 2012

P Day in Glanum and Tarascon

We originally went to go to Glanum to see the old Roman archeological dig, but it is closed on Mondays.  We have been to Glanum before but never to the city center, just the gate to the entrance on the city.  The first three pictures are of the gate entrance.  We were there with Jared once before during the summer, but never found the city center because it is a good hike and it was very hot that day.  We will need to go on another day than Monday.  Maybe if someone comes for Christmas.  So we decided to go exploring and drove over to Tarascon, about 20 minutes west from St. Remy.  A very worth while ville to visit.  We got there sort of late so it was difficult to get more pictures, but we will go again.  we did a lot of walking through the ville and found it very tranquille and beautiful.  It is right on the Rhone and has a mid-evil castle. 

Castle Tarascon

You tell that it is getting close to Christmas by the lights over the street.

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