Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mission Conference Trip to Lyon

We had a Mission Conference in Lyon with Elder Neil L. Anderson.  Pictures to follow when we get them from the Mission Home.  After the conference we took a two day side trip to Dijon and Grenoble since we didn't have to be back in Marseille until Thursday.  We were gone three days in all counting the Conference.  It was a great conference, but could have been reduced to only two speakers.  Our Mission President gave a great talk on faith.  Asking us to simplify the word "Faith" by replacing it with the word, "Trust".   Then Elder Anderson spoke and really taught me on using Christ in our teaching, relationships and everyday activities.  How we should be more like Christ and show a little more compassion for the weaknesses of others.  Even as Christ showed his love for the women taken in adultery, the Samaritan woman by the well and the Gentile Roman Centurion, so we should love those not of our faith or belief system.  Loving these types of people is not necessarily difficult for me.  It's loving the members that is the hard one for me.  Anyway here are some pics of our trip.  First stop Lyon.

After the conference all the couples got together and talked for a while then we all went on our separate ways.  Most of the couples since we come from so far away make the most of our journey and visit some near by places. Next stop for us was Dijon.  Dijon is the northern most part of our Mission and yes it is a lot colder than Marseille.  It is the difference between grey sky's in the north Sunny sky's in the south.  The couple from Nice and Mom and I are not used to the cold.
On the left is the Ville, Dijon.  On the right is the region Bourgogne

Why can't our chapels look like this.  I think the Gilroy chapel needs a makeover. 

For those who are not aware of what a Kabab is this is a beautiful sight to the hungry traveler.  I was first introduced to these when picking up Aaron in Paris from his Mission.  Then reintroduced to them when picking up Jared in Paris.  Now they are a staple in our diet when out in down town Marseille or any other ville in France. 


The Ville is Grenoble located in the French Alps.  The Region in Dauphine.

We arrived to Grenoble late in the afternoon so we didn't get too many good photos.

Jared will notice that there is a sheep painted on the building at the bottom of this photo. 

This was the low point in my Mission.  My blood sugar was low and I get very light headed and shaky so we made the sacrifice and went to.......  I can't even say the word but you can see for yourself.  It was horrible.  I don't even like McDonald's in the U.S. .

This brought me back to reality

Night Time in Grenoble.

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  1. Lyon, the city of my dreams. I went once, I would like to go again.