Monday, February 13, 2012

Marseille from our House, 8 arrondssement

Here are some pics of Marseille from our home.  It is an amazing thing to pass the Chateau D'if everyday and have this so close to home.  We live in the 8th Arrondissement south of Marseille central.  It is a little cool for now, but we can walk on the sea shore everyday with this view. 

Early Morning Chateau D'if

Chateau D'if
From the Vieux Port

This is the first ville you come to from the south before you get into Marseille from our home.  Here is where the local boulangerie and patisseries are.  As you can tell from the upper left hand corner it is a bit to cold to go exploring down town for now.  When it warms up we will get you pics of Central Marseille. 

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  1. rich, you look so content sitting on that bench looking out at the sea...not a bad gig you've got!