Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our New Home From the out side

So, we are almost settled in our new place.  We had some work to do on the place.  When we got here there was no place to hang clothes, so we spent a little time getting some stuff for the closets.  We are the first to live in this place so it was lacking in some amenities.  We are opening up the area for the senior couples, so it has been a little stressful.  Now that our place is done we need to set up the Young Adult Center at the church.  We meet with the Bishop and Stake President today.  we are in charge procuring some furniture, IE couches, chairs, desks for study and cooking apparatuses.  So far everyone has been so kind to us and wants to help us with our French.  So we are grateful for there patience with us.  Here are some Pics of our surroundings.  We live in a gated community in a nicer part of town.  It is a bit like living in Aptos except it is the Mediterranean not he Pacific.  It snowed yesterday which is unusual for this area.  The weather has been in the 30's, so it has been a bit cold.  Madame Martini (Our Land Lady) said when the spring comes are place will be full of flowers.  She told Mom if she wanted to she can work in the garden and plant plants.  Mom was excited about that.  We have a large yard for Young Adult parties, so mom wants to make it pleasant with lots of flowers.  One of our first purchases will be a Bar-B-Que for our yard.  And the church pays for it because it is for the churches use.
This is our view overlooking the Chateau D'if

This is the Chateau D'if made famous by Alexander Dumas's, "The Count of Monte Cristo".  Behind the chateau are two Larger islands called Les Iles.  The boats going to Corsica and Algiers pass through here.
This is a five minute walk from our home.  To the right is Marseille, to the left across the Mediterranean is Algeria, Africa 

Marseille in the back ground.  

Looking up our street towards out place from the ocean.
Behind us is a National Park for hiking. 

Our Street at the top of the hill.

Looking down our drive way from the gate.  remember it is winter so not much to it.  But it is our Private yard.
Mom is already making plans for the garden.  This driveway leads into a private yard surrounded by a stone wall.  The Church pick this place for a place that the Young Adults can come for parties.  So it's not just for us.  Mom wants to dress it up to look nice.

Our home and car.  We only have the ground floor.

Our yard in the snow.  The Smart Car belongs to Madame Martini (Very sweet land lady, 85 ans)  The path leads to her very large house behind the trees. 

View from our kitchen.

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  1. Whoa, the view from Chateau D'if is absolutely stunning! And the National Park for hiking is a great place for adventurers and sporty people alike. Your home has an excellent view of all the beautiful sceneries around! You're so lucky with it! :)

    [Randy Robinson]