Friday, February 24, 2012

Senior Couple Conference in Avignon

Well it was a three day Conference/sight seeing tour.  I say that because we spent three hour being instructed by the Mission President and then he took us for 2 1/2 days of sight seeing in Avignon, Nimes, Arels, Orange and Les Baux.  It was a little two fast for me but the conference was good and the touring was fun.  Did a lot of walking so my feet and knee are a little sore.  While in Nimes mom fell in a hole in the side walk and hurt her knee.  She is doing well and not complaining.  She was able to crawl to the thimble stores to get her souvenir thimbles.  Tomorrow we are going to Nice for Stake Conference.  A General Authority will be there to have a meeting with all the young adults and couples in charge of the Young Adult Centers after Stake Conference.  Below are some pics of our excursion up north. 
Palais des Pape, Court Yard.  This is where the French Popes were headquartered from 1309 to 1387.  They moved the Papacy from Rome to Avignon, France.  1387 ended the reign of the French Popes and was moved back to Rome. 

Le Palais des Papes Avignon, France


Yes that is a gold Mary on top.
Gold Mary on top of the Palais des Pape

Rhone from the Palais du Pape


Avignon, Franc
Pont du Gard,  This is a Roman Aqueduct built in 40 AD.  It is the Largest of reaming Roman Aqueducts, near Avignon, France
Pont du Gard over the river, Gard
The river Gard from on top of the Pont Du Gard
The Arena in Nimes.  This is the largest Remaining complete Roman Arena in the world.  It is of course much smaller than the one in Roma, but is still intact and is still used today for concerts.  This was built in 81 AD and was used for Gladiator Games, Animal Fights and the execution of Christians and criminals.  Most of the time to the Romans Christians and criminals were the same.  In the morning they had the animal fights.  This is where they would tie a bear and a lion together and let them have at it.  During the lunch hour was time for the execution of Criminals and Christians.  It was more of an intermission where the citizens would go and eat and their slaves would be required to save there seats while the C and C's were killed in a multiplicity of ways.  After a good meal was the time for the main event, The Gladiator Fights

Here is an Roman Temple built in about 50 AD in the center of Nimes.  This just a 5 minute walk form the Arena past high end shops.  It was close enough to watch the killing in the day at the Arena and come worship in late afternoon.
The small ville and Chateau of Les Baux
Les Baux
View from the Chateau Les Baux
The Ville Les Baux
This all that is left of the Chateau because Cardinal Richelieu had it attacked and destroyed because the owner was a protestant.  This is all I have of the Trip.  It was a little two fast to get any real good photos, but it is only an hour away.  So there will be many return trips to Nimes and Avignon.  President Murdock took a group to Orange this morning to see the Roman Amphitheater, but we couldn't go.  We had need to get back for an activity for the young adults tonight.  The are our priority.  They are why we are here.