Saturday, September 29, 2012

33 Wedding Anniversary Trip

Mom and I took a four day trip out to Bordeaux and the surrounding region round about for our 33 wedding anniversary.  Our plans were to go to Bordeaux then visit some of the places that Aaron served while on his mission.  Around Toulouse I got tired and Mom took over driving.  The route we were to take was about 200 Kilometers to the north of the Spanish boarder of the Pyrenees mountain range. The terrain that we were supposed to travel though was rollings hills and flat lands.  When I woke from a peaceful nap I looked to my left and saw a mountain range that dwarfed the Wasatch mountains.  I calmly ask my wife what are those mountains.  She replied, I don't know,  "we just passed a sign that gave directions to Andorra and Spain".  I said to my self, "Holy Crap"  those are the Pyrenees.  Lucky we were still in our mission and on are way to Pau and Bayonne.  So we made a longer trip than expected and it was well worth the mistake.  She blames the GPS.  We took all the back roads so the trip was so much more beautiful.  Long, but beautiful.  We made Bordeaux by night. The fallowing set of pictures will outline our trip.  I took 751 photos so this is just a small portion of our anniversary.  So many more photos I would have like to have shown due to the beauty of the country, But you will just have to wait till we return home.  Being a senior couple really is a blessing.  You have so much more freedom.  But!  I will admit we mostly talked of our JA back in Marseille and how we love them and how we can benefit them.  Oh yeah, mom bought a bunch of stuff so if any of you visit us expect her to request you bring some stuff back with you.

                           The Back Roads To Bordeaux

First Stop Pau, France

I was real excited to find this.  This is the Chateau of King Henry IV.  I know his history but did  not know he was from Pau.  He is the French King who sign the "Edict of Nantes" in 1598 which gave the protestants the freedom to practice their religion.  I know most people don't care about those types of things, but this is my post so this was sort of special to me.  Louis the XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685.  I may not be able to think clearly at times, but I know my history.

Inner court Yard of Henry's Home

Second Stop Bayonne, France
Roman Fort 100 AD


Finally! Dinner Time in Bordeaux

Next Day first stop Bergerac, France 

Now if I had this as a Mission Car I would not complain about driving in Marseille.  This is an old Citroen.

Our Humble Cottage in the Country
First let me explain.  We booked to stay at this chateau in the "Annex"  That is another word for where the servants use to live.  When we got there they said they could up grade us due to a cancellation for no extra cost.  So after much indecision and deliberation we said OK!!!!!  I am sorry for so many pictures, but this was so freaking awesome.  I think I walked around this Chateau about 50 time out of disbelief I was staying here.  It was built in the 15th Century as a feudal castle.  I just sat on the lawn in historical amazement.  And yes I know I am a little off so no rolling of eyes.

On the road to Chateau de la Cote

The Entrance

Then the Good Stuff
Back Door

Front Door

Side yard

Mom out the window

Looking to the left out of our window

Looking to the right out of our window

Our Room

Anniversary Dinner with a view

Anniversary Dinner with a view

Morning view from our window

Our Bed Chamber

There is a problem. 

 Driving through France can be difficult.  every 5 kilometers there is a Chateau or Abbey that calls for you to stop.  Mom and I had an agreement to stop only at places that were on our agenda.  After stopping at so many unplanned places in our day prevented us from seeing the things on out planned list.

Sarlat, France

Mom holding a maniquin's hand.

La Roque Gageat, France

Chateau De Castelnaud



Les Eyzies, France


  1. Wow. What a cool trip. Are those places for real? Also, you can't imagine the joy your mannequin picture brought to Ada.

  2. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!! SOOO AMAZING!!! looks like the trio was a success huh!!! happy 33 years!!!

  3. looks like fun! Happy Anniversary!