Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lunch with the Missionaries

We had the missionaries to lunch at our home yesterday.  It was Soeur Vanhulst last day so we had a special Belge lunch with Gaufres.  She is returning to Charleroi, Belgium.  We have a great set of Missionaries and are getting one more on this transfer..  So we are back to having three sets of missionaries in Marseille.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!.  The Missionaries are always sooooooo appreciative of a good lunch.  By their reaction you would have thought we had made their Calling and Election Sure.  These are four sincere and dedicated Missionaries. We love them.  I was so glad to here that Elders Hasting and Workman were staying.
This is Soeur Vanhulst from Charleroi, Belgium.  She goes home on Monday so we made Belge Gaufres in her honor.  She had to teach all the other Missionaries how to fix a gaufre.  (Belgium Waffle)

From left to right, Elder Hastings, Elder Workman, Soeur Gunnel and Soeur Vanhulst.

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