Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Morning in Bordeaux, France

Mom and I had one free morning in Bordeaux, so we did a little exploring.  Had a nice lunch at a cafe and then off to the CAJAF.  Bordeaux is beautiful with too many shops to explore in one morning.  We must return here to see more.  Also we haven't seen grey sky's for some time so this was sort of a treat for us. 


  1. That's the France I know and love. Gray! The fountain at la place des quinconces (the one with the horses) is right across the street from the old Bordeaux mission home where I spent my first night in France. Good memories.

  2. Wow Really! We wished we knew where you lived so we could go see it and get a picture. It is really a beautiful city. We loved it but really did not have enough time there....we will go back!