Saturday, September 1, 2012

Under French Sky's, CAJAF 2012

Mom and I went to the CAJAF (Conférence Annuelle Jeunes Adultes Francophone).  In other words a young adult conference for french speaking JA.  It was held in Maubissons near Bordeaux.  It was a week of activities and spiritual guidance.  They told us that we were "not needed for help", but that we could come and visit.  We went to show our presence and support for our JA of Marseille.  We arrived on Tuesday and planned to do a lot of sight seeing in the region since we were "Not needed".  What we found is that we had no time to sight see, but to be there for our youth who were in need.  They wanted us there everyday and we just can't say no to our JA.  In the four days we were there we were never without a JA with us, either seeking council, consolation or just sharing in the fun.  They came to us.  We just came, text them to let them know we were there and went and sat.  Then we would receive the return text, "Where are you"?  That is why we are here, to serve them in any capacity.  I got a lot of pics, but missed many because all activities were at one time.  My love for these young people cannot be measured.  Even with our bad French they still loves us.  It is cool to be wanted even though they know the conversation will be slow.  

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