Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Busy Day

So our day started out with Scripture study on the Corniche.  The Corniche is a walk way along the ocean the runs for about 3 kilometers in Marseille.  We started about 8:00 AM and were there for about an hour.  It is starting to get cold and the bench is cement and I have no butt meat.  After that, the rest of the day was free due to it being Saturday and no one comes to the Center on Saturday.  So we took an adventure to Toulon and Saint Tropez.
Scripture Study on the Corniche, Marseille

Distraction from Scripture Study on the Corniche, Marseille.  Actually we did some of our better study here.  It was very quiet and calm and gave time for much reflection and meditation.  Alma Chapters 37 - 42.  Heavy stuff.

The Corniche with Chateaux D'if to the far left, center.  This is our study area.  Sometimes one forgets where one is and takes for granted his surroundings. 

Jeannine at study time. 

After study time was over we took a drive over to Toulon.  Toulon is another ville on the French Riviera.  I was not very impressed.  It is very clean, and the Marché was one of the better I have seen, but it lacks the old ambiance of France.  I guess that is because it was bombed so heavily during World War ll.  Not much of the old city was left.  The Ville was a German port for supplies going to Africa from France.  So the Americans bombed the heck out of it.  There is a plaque in centre ville telling about it. There is still much to see though. 

So as you can tell my knees have finally given up working, so I am on crutches.   It still does not stop me from exploring and doing my calling.  There is still so much to see and do here.  I will say though the European Crutches are awesome.

Jeannine does love her Olives.

This is a clothing store.  I didn't see much of a California style going on in the store, But if you tell someone you are from California you have an immediate friend.  

So we finished with Toulon and made our way to Saint Tropez.

Saint Tropez is a nice ville with very expensive stores and restaurants.  The yachts are amazing and BIG.  For me it was a bit crowded and I don't do well in crowds so it was  not my kind of ville.  Being on crutches made it doubly hard.  There are a lot of private beaches, so we didn't get to see anything really spectacular.   If you have a lot of money I am sure there is more to see.  But if I wanted a crowded ville to explore, give me Marseille anytime.  There is much more to see and do.

Jeannine at Saint Tropez

Typical colors of the region

I thought Rich and Michele might be looking for a new boat and this one was for sale so we thought of them.  I am sure there would be room for a horse.

Saint Tropez Bay

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