Friday, September 14, 2012

Mom Teaching in French

Jeannine taught a family night lesson all in French.  She did an Awesome Job.   You should be very proud of your Mom, Sister and or Daughter.  They all loved her visual aids.  Two of them took photos of her visual aids on the board.  Now France has been introduced to Jeannine's Visual aids.  For those who have been through a Seminary class with Jeannine they will understand.   To hear her you may need to turn your volume up on full.  I took the film with my ipad and it does not pic up sound from a distance very well in this type of setting.  The kids said how much the visual aids helped them understand the principal.  She is sooooo awesome.  I am so lucky to have her. 


  1. THIS MAKES ME SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!! GREAT JOB MAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. AWESOME!!! That is so cool! I didn't understand a thing, but you seemed to be doing great. I am so proud of you!