Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Center in Marseille, France

We have made many improvements on the center over the summer.  Institute begins in two weeks.  Very excited about that.  Tomorrow we meet with the Stake Presidency to see if we get more money for real couches. 
At this center we have 16 different languages in the Book of Mormon available. 

Our B of M reading Chart

We have a goal for all the JA and L'eveque to read the B of M before our one year of being here, Feb 4th.  

Coralie Abbate at English class.  She comes every week to the center to learn English.  She has already had eight years of English in school but wants the practice to gain more confidence in her speaking.  Her dream is to live in the U. S. someday.

For any guy in the U.S. this is one of the purest, sweetest girls I have met.  And that includes the in the U. S.

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  1. TRUE STORY!!!! CORALIE IS AWESOME!!!! the center looks great!!